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How to Catch Blue Crabs for Kids by Liam Perry

This is one simple way to catch Blue Crabs.

baiting blue crab hook blue crab bait and line

Step 1: First you need to buy a Throw Line Trap at Perry’s Bait and Tackle, then you need to buy chicken necks or old fish heads for bait. Throw Line Traps cost $3.00 and chicken necks cost $2.50 for a pack, plus tax

Step 2: Next, unwind the string carefully so it doesn’t get tangled up and place the chicken neck on the bar and securely close the bar into the pin area.

blue crab line tying line to dock

Step 3: Tie end of string to a boat cleat on a dock or to a post on a dock, then drop the throw line trap in water. It’s best to do your crabbing during an incoming tide. You’ll have to check your local tide tables to make sure you’ll be able to catch enough crabs for your dinner or to sell at a bait shop. Make sure you select the correct day on this link.

pulling up crab line

Step 4: Remember the 5-minute rule: Leave the throw line trap in water for 5 minutes to make sure the crab is good and latched on to the bait. Then, pull the line up very slowly so the crab doesn’t let go. If you see a crab, grab a net and snag the blue crab.

sizing blue crabs

Remember to make sure the is 5 inches from tip to tip on the shell or the length of a Coke can. If the crab isn’t at least 5 inches, you have to throw it back. If there is no crab then throw back the line and repeat step 4. Always remember to throw back the females if they are pregnant and have a sponge. A Picture of a pregnant female is located below.

female and male blue crabs pregnant female blue crab with egg sac