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The Owners

Liam, Aden, and Bella PerryLiam, Aden, and Bella are the youngest owners of a bait shop in South Carolina! Many Perry Bait and Tackle customers remember seeing them in the bait shop when they were babies! When their mother Jessica died in September of 2017, the shop was put into a conservatorship for them, just as she wanted.

Liam, Aden, and Bella are the 4th generation owners of the business. All of the children enjoy fishing and the boys have won tournaments locally.

Liam aspires to become an aerospace engineer and then work for NASA or SpaceX one day. Liam loves to invent, read, and create prototypes of all kinds of machines. Maybe he’ll invent a fishing pole that only catches “keepers” one day!

Aden wants to play college soccer, then go into some type of engineering field. Aden loves robotics and programming. This boy eats breakfast with his soccer ball beside him sometimes! Aden is also a gifted artist and athlete.

Bella loves all animals but not insects! She loves singing, dancing, gymnastics and tumbling. She wants to become a veterinarian, but only if she doesn’t have to put any well, heathy animals down!

Their future aspirations and hopes may change as they get older, but we know they will keep the history of Perry’s Bait & Tackle going for future generations!

Here’s some hopes and dreams for them found in one of their mother’s journals after her death. We are hopeful they will heed and remember her precious words.

Jessica Perry and her children

My Three Sweet Babies...

Have fun in life and live a little.

Understand consequences. 

Do not be afraid of taking risks in life and not be afraid of failure.

Dream big and follow your dreams.

Start and finish college before exploring the world.

Get to know yourself and love who you are before loving someone else.

Find someone who will love you for who you are - not what you are not. 

Remember to give back to God, your church, your family and your community in that order….

Fight for what you believe in.

Live a life with no regrets.

Be happy! Does it need to be that simple? Yes, it does.

Our Team

We're always here to give you a helping hand! When it comes to fishing or finding a great fishing charter, we’re your local specialists. Whether you’re a novice and need help getting started, or a fishing expert, Perry’s Bait and Tackle is the bait shop for you. We’ll help you find the correct bait, rigs, and tackle, so all you have to do is fish! We know the inlet and local waters very well, and we’ll provide the tips to make your fishing adventure happen.